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New Courses for Spring 2024

Each quarter, McSporran Leadership Development creates off the shelf courses, in response to consultation with senior leaders over the last quarter.

Get in touch to find out more about running these in your organisation.

The courses for this quarter are
-Coaching through chaos
-Leading with creativity
-Mastering the art of delegation

Scroll down for more info:

Coaching through chaos

1 Day, In Person, Mid level - Executive leadership

As a leader, you never quite know what your direct reports will need at any moment.

While you may feel equipped to support with technical areas and organisational

questions, how are you at taking your direct reports on individualised development

journeys? How are you at adjusting your approach depending on the need?

The best leaders are usually the ones who understand that each direct report needs

something unique. They are able to tailor a coaching approach and find a balance

between direction vs learning, listening vs instruction and personal vs professional.

This one day course is designed to help you become a great coach, regardless of the

circumstances. You’ll leave with a greater understanding of how to develop your team,

let them thrive trough the chaos of organisation life, and create unique learning


Outcomes include:

- Helping people explore issues

- Managing perceptions and helping people take responsibility

- Different coaching approaches to suit different personality styles

-Building higher levels of performance and clarity of expectations

Leading with creativity

1 Day, In Person, Senior - Executive leadership

Most organisations strive to think outside the box, bring innovation and try cutting edge ideas.


The reality is that many teams are guilty of ‘business as usual’ and fall into patterns of

stagnant approaches and repetitive conversations that arrive at the same conclusions.


As a leader, how can you foster creativity, and sculpt the team environment that will help your team innovate? What might be possible for your organisation if your team had a framework to road test new ideas?


This one day course is for any leader who wants to help their senior leadership team find new levels of creativity. It will blend psychological and practical ideas to help you build a team dynamic that contains psychological safety, space for new thinking and robust conversations to make the most of the magic within your team.

Outcomes include:

- Creating psychological safety within a team

- Methods to experiment with new ideas, encourage creativity and think outside the box

- Learning how to facilitate feedback conversations with senior stakeholders that hone ideas

- Managing different perspectives and building a genuinely diverse team

Mastering the art of delegation

1 Day, In Person, Can be adjusted to participant level

Many leaders become the glass ceiling to their own success and their team’s potential by holding on to more actions than they should.

Senior leadership brings a difficult paradox; how do you take responsibility for the quality of work, while allowing your team to take responsibility for the execution? 


Those who are poor with delegation tend to feel burnt out, remain stuck in the same context and may even frustrate their team members. Often, poor delegators blame their team for their lack of skill, or cannot find the time to invest in juniors.


This one day course is designed to help leaders understand the role they play in delegation. Great delegators are more likely to see fulfilled teams, higher performance and more personal development opportunities.

During the day we will unpack the psychology behind how to delegate well. We will also explore how you can build trust in your team, develop their skills, cultivate your mindset to be more comfortable with genuinely delegating, and building clarity.


Outcomes include:

- Understanding the psychological pitfalls that may stop you from delegating well

- How to discover more of the potential of your team

- Giving clear feedback and instructions

- Building an environment of trust and accountability with your team

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