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Creative Industry

Development & Coaching specifically for creatives

"James is wild, he's not like anyone else you have met.
He is up for anything. He is the person you call when you want to have a good time.
But beautifully he is also the person you call when you just need to let go of the day.
He has an incredible ability to go from 0-100 and back to 0 and adjust to whatever the vibe is."

Anonymous feedback

50% of McSporran Leadership Development clients are in the creative industry.

James partners with leaders in the industry to design leadership training and personal development specifically for creatives and those around the industry.

He combines his experience in executive development with his background in music and production to create a realistic approach to training in the creative industry, understanding the specific challenges and context.
James currently works with award winning agencies, musicians, producers, artists, filmmakers, photographers, actors and designers.

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