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Free Open Programme:
"Developing Your Leadership Style"

10am - 2.30pm,
Thursday 14th
December 2023
Ormeau Baths, Belfast
Lunch included

How much do you understand about your own character, and what makes you stand out as a leader and performer? 

You bring a unique perception, personality and skillset to your workplace. 

It therefore makes sense that your individual leadership style might be different to other people's.


This day is designed to help you discover more of your strengths, foster your unique style and

perform to a higher level.


Using the ground breaking psychology ideas of “Sub Personalities” and “Shadow”, you will have the chance to reflect on your natural leadership style, learn how to embrace different parts of your personality and bring something unique to your work.

It will also help you to grow as a public speaker, coach and team member.


Benefits include:

-Discovering your sub personalities, and unique strengths.

-Understanding the psychological pitfalls that may stop you from having your desired leadership impact.

-Find opportunities to access psychological resourcefulness and new ways of leading.

-Build confidence to step into your style and experiment with your unique impact.

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