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Events, Keynotes, Workshops & Offsites

“James is an exceptional communicator and influencer within his field.
He is able to challenge at a senior level,
within a coaching and development setting, whilst holding the trust of participating senior executives.
His style is founded on openness and warmth,
whilst able to cut through and provide direction or insight where required to support progression.”

Simon Harrison, Operations Manager
Caffè Nero 

Learning and Development events for all leadership levels

Stand alone sessions on relevant topics that teach, inspire, and encourage reflection and transformation.


Themes include:



Team Dynamics

Emotional Intelligence

Organisational Intelligence

Presentation Skills

Personal Development

Feedback/Difficult Conversations

Psychological Resilience

Dealing with Chaos


Can be tailored for your context, in person or virtual, and range from 60 mins - 3 days​

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